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Travels & Settlings, Roaming & Expatriating
A lot will be on Bali where we live since 12/13
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Origin of the section name of Saunters


Saunters 1 - from late 2013 as we prepared to leave for Asia (oldest posts on the bottom)

Saunters 2 - from October 1, 2014

Saunters 3 - posts on the Cuke Blog - 397 of them from January 17, 2015

Saunters 4 - posts here on Cuke Annex Sanunters starting April 2018

New September 2018 - Cuke-nonZense Blog for What's New in all of Cuke Annex including Saunters. Some posts will lead to this site via links but short ones are likely to be only on the blog - at least for some time. - DC

Photos for a talk to students going into the hospitality field at a high school in Denpasar

Snapshots Bali


Brahmavihara Arama Bali Buddhist temple for Vipassana Retreats

Longer pieces

18-04-10 - Bhikku Moneyya - writings and bio

18-04-05 - Bali Usada - report on the March 25-31 retreat